Tournament rules

  1. The Tournament is organized by the World Peace Indoor Soccer Tournament foundation.  (WPIST)
  2. The games are organized in the various sports halls in the towns/city of Eibergen, Lichtenvoorde and Groenlo.
  3. All matches are played according to the FIFA futsal rules and FIFA Futsal regulations but executed in a customized WPIST tournament format. The customized WPIST tournament futsal rules are leading!
  4. Matches are led by international referees in cooperation with the WPIST tournament’s organization.
  5. Teams are divided in categories & groups.
  6. When 2 teams play under the same team’s name, it is not possible to let any players switch from team to team. It’s prohibited to switch players from one team to another team playing in the same tournament/competition! These teams will be monitored at every game.
  7. The first mentioned team (home team) has to change shirts if both outfits are the same (colour). There are also tournament vests in several colours available for any team should this situation occur.
  8. Every team must be equipped with a second set of shirts, which are different from the colours of the original club/team outfit.
  9. The first mentioned team has to deliver a linesman for the next match in the hall.
  10. 35+ Tournament: All players must be at least 35 years of age or older. The team may have 2 players younger than 35 years old but these players must be at least 30 years of age or older.
  11. 45+ Tournament: All players must be at least 45 years of age or older. The team may have 2 players younger than 45 years old but these players must be at least 40 years of age or older.
  12. The responsible referee, referee coordinator, or members of the organization may ask the players participating in the 35+ and
    45+ tournament for their ID in order to check the age of the player. Every player playing in one of the veteran competitions has the obligation to bring his ID or a copy of his ID with him during his matches/ match day. If a player is not able to proof his age to the referee, the referee has the right to exclude the player from the matches until the player involved can proof his age.
  13. If a team of the 35+ or 45+ competition/tournament plays with younger players as allowed, the team will be disqualified from the tournament/competition.
  14. If the situation mentioned under point 13 occurs in the knock out phase or semi-finals the following will happen;
    a)            The results in the group phase will remain unchanged.
    b)            The team involved will be disqualified.
    c)            The opponent will have a win of 3-0 and go through/on to the next round. (Walk over)
  15. The pitches have a rubber or wooden surface. Players are obligated to wear regular Futsal (indoor Soccer) shoes.
  16. The use of resin on hands and or gloves is not permitted. In case of damage to the floor, the relevant team will be held
    liable for the costs.
  17. There are changing-rooms in the various sports halls; teams are welcome to use these. Players are also allowed to prepare themselves in the bungalows or hotel rooms as well in between games.
  18. The team’s representative reports to the organizations table in the sports hall where his/her team has to play their matches 30
    minutes before the scheduled first match, and must submit their list of players.
  19. Teams should be composed of players who are working for the institute/force mentioned on their application form.
  20. The team whose name is stated first on the match form will start on the left side of the pitch, seen from the side of the
    organizations table, and will have the kick off. The kick off moment will be directed by the referee.
  21. A match in the group phase lasts 1 x 12 minutes (no half-time interval).  The Knock-outs on Thursday lasts 1x 18 minutes (no half-time interval). The Finals on Thursday lasts 1 x 20 minutes (no half-time interval). The WPIST organization has the right to change the duration of the matches. If this situation occurs the participating teams will be informed by the organization via the printed match fixtures/ program. A match is played by two teams: each consisting of 4 fielders and 1 goalkeeper (colour shirt deviating from colour shirt of the players).
  22. The numbers of substitutions made during a match is unlimited. The player entering the pitch must do so at his own substitution zone, but only until the player leaving the pitch has passed completely over the touch line (= a good replacement is one player out and then a new player in). The replaced player(s) take a seat on the player’s bench.
  23. The substitution zone is situated on the same side of the pitch as the teams’ benches and directly in front of them and is where the players enter and leave the pitch for substitutions.
  24. Every team has to be present 5 minutes before kick-off. The team that does not show up on time at the sports field, loses the match by 0 – 3 and will not receive any points. For the team that wins through a no-show match by ‘no-show’, get 3 goals as their total score.
  25. Each team must be accompanied by a coach.
  26. A player receipting a yellow card has to leave the pitch for one (1) minute! After a goal scored against by the opposite team, the player can enter the field again. The jury-table signals if the player can enter the game again. It has to be the same player entering the field who receipt the yellow card!
  27. A player receipting a red card has to leave the pitch for the rest of that match. The team has to play with one less player for three (3) minutes! After a goal scored against by the opposite team, another player can enter the field. The Jury-table signals if another player can enter the game.
  28. Protesting on referee decisions is not permitted. Decisions of the referee or referee coordinator are final.
  29. After every match the referee in charge and both involved coaches or team captains have to report at the organizations table in the sports hall to sign the score sheet of that particular match. This is obligated. The signing of the score sheet has to be done immediately after the match in order to confirm/approve the result of that game.
  30. The organization is not responsible for damages, (physical) injuries or theft of personal belongings of players and companions.
  31. Each team is required to report at the organization table before leaving the sports hall after a match day.
  32. When there is a tie and equal scores in any of the groups these rules will be applied; 
    I)             goal difference (scored goals – goals against)
    II)            highest number of scored goals
    III)           the least goals against
    IV)          The mutual results
  33. The final ranking for the next round and finales: the team that wins their game in the second round and semi-finales, goes on for the next round. For the team who lose the game, the tournament is over/stops.
  34. When there is a tie with equal scores in the following knock-out phase or semi-finals the players take penalties. Each team takes three penalties. If the score remains unchanged the entire procedure will be repeated again until one team wins with a lead by one goal. The referee will have to toss to decide which team will start the penalty shootout. The team who wins the toss, starts shooting. The penalty shots have to be taken by different players.
  35. If the matches for the and 3rd/4th   place end up in an equal score, each team take three penalties, as mentioned above in rule 34.
  36. If the final matches for the 1st/2nd place end up in a tie with an equal score, the match will continue with 5 extra minutes extra
    time! If after this time there is still a draw, the match will be decided by penalties as mentioned in point 34.
  37. During the Finals the time will be stopped at the last minute! The first referee keeps the last-minute time.
  38. The WPIST organization will supply the necessary materials for the match. The matches will be played with low bouncing balls for futsal. (Number 4).
  39. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the sports halls. The use of glass is also forbidden. Alcoholic consumption has to be limited during your match day. If extensive alcohol consumption has a clear influence on the match, a team or an individual player can be excluded from further participation. It is not allowed to drink alcohol on or near the pitches.
  40. Every participant is responsible for his behaviour in this respect; and will be held responsible when damage is reported.
  41. Other than players and coaches have no right to enter the football pitches.
  42. Everyone is kindly asked to remain on the stand or in the sports arena’s restaurant when not playing. In this way, the room around the field is reserved for those teams and players in the current matches.
  43. For any other rules or regulations not mentioned then the tournament’s sportive management’s decisions are final as presented by the chief of the tournament’s sportive management, in accordance with the representative of the board, or by any person appointed by him.
  44. The WPIST organization of the tournament reminds participants to insure themselves for all medical costs that may be occasioned through any injuries during the tournament.
  45. The organisation cannot be held responsible for any damage, robbery, medical cost.