How it works!

1. Find a nice group of colleagues (possibly supplemented with a few friends – look at the tournament rules)
2. Come up with a nice, short and neat team name for you and the team(s)
3. Ask for time off in November
4. Before registering, check the tournament rules
5. Register your team(s) via the bookings button!
6. You will receive a confirmation email from us with a payment request and more event details
7. You can arrange transport through us or come to the Marveld Resort in Groenlo (the Netherlands) with your own transport
8. Bring lots of fun and love, we’re going to make it another cool edition. 

the divisions

About the divisions. There are four divisions in which you can participate in this indoor soccer tournament: Men, Women, Men35+ and Men45+.  We advise you to read the rules carefully on beforehand. Which division do you want to participate in?

About the tournament

World’s biggest indoor soccer tournament for government personnel is open for:

Police Officers, Fire fighters, Custom Officers, Military Personal, Tax Officers, Personnel of the Ministry of Interior, state, provincial or municipal employees, staff from the various ministries, and special invitations by the organization.

The tournament has been around since 1982 with participating teams from all over the world.

More than Indoor soccer:
Teambuilding 🤝🏽
Beautiful stay 🏡
Live entertainment every night 🎷
Meet colleaques from all over the world 🌍
Have a amazing time ⏳

wpist program

What does the program look like?  

Monday: Arrival day and the openingparty. 
Check-in is possible between 14.00 – 20.00hrs
Tuesday: Groupmatches and at nighttime a party
Wednesday: Groupmatches and at nighttime a party
Thursday: Groupmatches followed by finals and closingparty
Friday: Check-out before 10.30hrs 

During the tournament each team has a day off to spend in the luxury resort or to explore for example Amsterdam.